What would I have to complete before I could become eligible to take the certifying examination for AVCPT?

After graduating from an accredited Veterinary Technology program and becoming credentialed to practice as a Veterinary Technician (or its equivalent), candidates must meet education and experience requirements, as specified: A minimum of three years and 4,000 hours of work experience in the field of veterinary clinical pathology.

  • A minimum of three years and 4,000 hours of work experience in the field of veterinary clinical pathology.
  • A minimum of forty continuing education (CE) clock hours related to veterinary clinical pathology. The continuing education must be received from an accredited veterinary technician school, school of veterinary medicine, RACE Approved CEs, national/state/local conferences with approved CEs. Proof of attendance is required.
  • All experience and continuing education must be completed within six years prior to the application. Provide the documentary evidence of advanced competence in veterinary clinical pathology.
  • Completion of the veterinary clinical pathology skills form. The skills form will document skills that have been mastered by the candidate and are necessary to practice as a veterinary technician at an advanced level within the field of clinical pathology. This form is available under candidate packet materials. It is subject to change based upon the current state of the art in veterinary clinical pathology.
  • A case log is maintained for the length of time necessary to complete all the required skills, within the three years immediately preceding the submission of the application.
  • Three detailed case reports. Case reports must demonstrate expertise in the collection, handling, and processing of patient samples requiring laboratory/pathology services. The case report must also demonstrate knowledge and understanding of disease processes and pathology of the patient. The case reports should be selected from the case log. Case reports must be the original work of the applicant.
  • Two letters of recommendations from two different categories: an AVCPT member, a supporting veterinarian, supporting credentialed technician, a member of the American Society of Veterinary Clinical Pathology (ASVCP), or a veterinary technology specialist (VTS) in any of the NAVTA approved specialties.
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs), quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) procedures. Skills, case logs, case reports, letters of recommendation, and SOPs must be completed within the three years immediately prior to submission of the application.